Hi, thanks for visiting my blog.

First of all let me take this opportunity to introduce myself. My name is Sean and I was born in island of  Penang which also known as Pearl of the Orient. I started to own my first camera since year 2007. Since i was into Photography, I am glad to know many friends especially I Love Bokeh members! You guys ROCKS!! I enjoyed every moment shooting with you all!

Photography bright up my life! It allow me to look into this world with different angle and observe things that happen around me daily. Photography allow me to capture all the memories that happen in my life, no matter it’s happiness or sadness.

I always enjoy Photography and I hope you like my photos too! I will keep updating my blog from time to time. And, you are always welcomed to visit my blog!

Finally, BIG THANKS again for visiting my blog!


Shoot with heart 。  隨心所攝